Instagram Design Scratch

  1. 1. Intro and Instagram
  2. 2. Design

1. Intro and Instagram

  • social networking service
  • upload and share photos and videos
  • share info either publicly or privately
  • share through other social networking platforms
    • facebook
    • twitter
    • flickr
    • tumblr
  • requirement

    • functional

      • users should be able to upload/ download/ view photos
      • search based on photo/ video titles
      • users can follow other users
      • system will generate and display a user’s News Feed consisting of top photos from all the people the user follows
    • non-functional

      • services need to be highly available
      • latency come to be 200ms for News Feed Generation

2. Design

  • patterns
    • read heavy system
      • need to effectively manage storage
      • 100% reliable of data
      • low latency
  • system design

    • we need to support two scenarios

      • upload photos
      • view/ search photos
    • db

      • image storage
      • image metadata storage
  • Separate read and write servers

    • web servers have a connection limit
    • assume max is 500 connections, that means server cannot have more than 500 concurrent uploads or reads
  • reliability

    • run a redundant secondary copy of the service that is not serving any traffic if only one instance of a service is required to run at any point
  • data sharding

    • partition based on UserID?

      • hot user
      • non-uniform storage as some users may upload a lot of images
      • what if one shard is full?
      • unavailability – all users data come to be unavailable all of sudden
    • use photoId as partition key

  • news feeds - e.g 100 feeds

    • real time generation

      • need to go to user follow table to get all of its following people
      • then query with user id to get their 100 updates
      • combine them, go through our ranking algo
      • then generate the output
    • should choose pre-generating way as it will save a lot of times

      • have dedicated servers that are continuously generating users’ News Feeds and storing them in a UserNewsFeed table
  • approaches for seanding news feed contents to users

    • pull

      • clients can pull the News Feed contents from the server on a regular basis or manually whenever they need it

        • problems

          • new data might not be shown to the users until clients issue a pull request
          • most of time, pull requests response could be empty
        • push

          • servers can push new data to the users as soon as it is available
          • users then need to maintain a long poll request with the server for receiving the updates
          • issue
            • user has follow a lot of people
            • celebrity user who has meillions of followers
            • server then have to push updates quite frequently
        • hybrid

          • move all the users who have a high number of follows to a pull based model and only push data to those users who have a few hundred follows


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