Designing Pastebin

  1. 1. Intro and requirements
  2. 2. thoughts

1. Intro and requirements

  • Pastebin
    • service enable users to store plain text or images over the network and generate unique urls to access the uploaded data
  • requirements

    • functional

      • users could upload/ paste their data and get a unique URL to access it
      • users only able to upload text
      • data and links will expire after a specific timespan, user should be able to specify expeiration time
      • users should optionally be able to pick a custom alias for their paste
    • non functional

      • system should be highly reliable, no data loss any time
      • system should be highly available
      • small latency
      • paste links should not be guessable

2. thoughts

  • requirement clarification

    • what’s the accept types of the file?
    • what’s the maximum size of the file?
      • 10MB
  • hardware requirement

    • read write request number
    • average request size
    • storage size
      • we probably don’t want to use more than 70% of our total storage capacity at any point
    • cache size
  • how to achieve highly reliable, and highly available

    • duplicate host
  • how you want to store those file

    • of course key value
      • then question come to be what’s the overall number of key we need to store
  • high level design

    • besides normal client, application server, and object storage
    • we could have another db to store metadata, like paste id, user


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