Cost of abstraction

  1. 1. Definition - cost of abstraction
  2. 2. Thought

Duplicate is definitely something we are trying to get rid of, however, what’s the cost of abstraction? It seems some problem we could think for a while.

We should think of the tradeoff between code duplication and increased level of abstraction.

1. Definition - cost of abstraction

  • An abstraction is adding to the cognitive load of whoever works with the code
  • The main cost of abstraction: separating the implementation from the specification. Or we say separate the letter of function from the spirit of the function
  • The former being what the function does, the latter being what everybody believes it should do
  • Should involve everybody to consider what the code does, or we say what the function does

2. Thought

  • The decision about creating an abstraction should not be taken lightly.
  • There’s a large social cost to every abstraction, may lead the project to be unmaintainable.
  • lambda is also a way to reduce the abstraction layers in some way
  • Abstraction is a good way to get rid of verbose code, but itself may bring uncertainty to some extent. Only implement necessary abstraction.


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