AWS essentials(2) - Cloud Concepts

1. Cloud computing

Before cloud, bring a lot of waste. Cause you have to build your own server.

After aws, initiated within seconds; treat these as temprorary and disposable; free from the inflexibility and constraints.

2. strengths of cloud

2.1 Agility

2.1.1 speed

  1. Global reach

  2. Dramatic increase in agility

2.1.2. experimentation

  1. operations as code

  2. safely experiment

can spin up servers in minutes for experimenting; can return or re-purpose servers

  1. Testing using different configurations
  2. AWS cloudFormation enables templated environments

2.1.3. culture of innovation

  1. Experiment quickly with low cost/ risk

2.1.4 AWS Infrastructure

To realize elasticity, scalability and reliability of computing resources, aws is build around region and availability zones.

  • region

    • physical location in the world
    • contains multiple AZs
  • availability zones

    • one or more discrete data centers
    • redundant power/ networking/ connectivity
    • housed in separate facilities
    • fault tolerance
      • applications operational during component failure
      • build-in redundancy of components
    • High availability
      • systems always functioning and accessible
      • downtime is minimized as much as possible
      • without human intervention

2.2 Elasticity, scalability and high performance

  1. Tools to run a wide range of applications
  2. auto scaling and elastic load balancing, scale up/ down based on demand
  3. deploy your system in multiple regions, low latency and better experience
  4. innocative services and cutting-edge technology
  5. virtually any workload

2.3 Security and Compliance

  1. Customer retains control over region where data located
  2. Security auditing often periodic and manual
  3. AWS cloud provides governance capabilities

2.4 Reliability

  1. Ability to recover from failures
  2. Dynamically acquire resources to meet demand and mitigate disruptions


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